Tuesday Night Online Men’s Group


The Men’s Group offers a circle of men for reflection on issues of relationships and work/life balance.

As a trained therapist, I offer facilitation and guidance on exploring issues of increasing openness, assertiveness, and engagement in relationships, setting boundaries with family, holding your own in the workplace, and other issues of being a man in the modern world.

Be fully yourself!


  • We will meet by teleconference on Tuesday nights, 6pm to 7:30pm Pacific Time zone.
  • Membership is open only to residents of Washington State.
  • $65 per 90 minute meeting. Insurance does not cover group therapy; however, I can offer a discount for advance payment of $300 for 6 sessions, per session cost of $50.
  • After your first visit, a commitment to attend 12 sessions is required. Weekly attendance is expected, but occasional misses are okay; however, 24 hours notice is required or you will be charged for the session even if you don’t attend.

Apply to Join

I am currently collecting names to launch a new group. If you would like to apply, contact

Alan Barclay, LMFT

Email: alan@liberationtherapy.net
or Phone: +1 (206) 854-7349.

(To read about individual therapy services, click here.)

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