About Me


Alan Barclay, MA, LMFT, Individual and Couples Counselor

Alan Barclay, LMFTADo you have dreams or goals but often find yourself holding back or held back by feelings you don’t fully understand? Do you sometimes feel you aren’t okay now just as you are?

Are you seeking a happier marriage or relationship? Would you like more confidence in resolving disagreements or conflict in ways that makes you everyone satisfied? Do you find yourself not asking for what you want from friends, spouse, partner, or colleagues?

My name is Alan. I work with individuals and couples who want to improve their assertiveness, trust, and intimacy. I offer a caring environment where we will work to help you create healing human contact for yourselves.

You can heal the wounds of the past and create the relationships that will liberate you to be fully yourself.

I specialize in working with:

  • Couples in transition: couples who are running into relationship roadblocks while seeking greater intimacy.
  • Women and Men who struggle to with treating themselves well and realizing their dreams.
  • Adult children of academics and professionals.
  • Men who struggle with the legacy of growing up with an angry father.

My office is in Federal Way, easily available to the surrounding areas of Auburn, Fife, Lakeland, Milton, and New Tacoma.

Questions? Email alan@liberationtherapy.net or text +1 (206) 854-7349.

Free fifteen-minute phone consultation is available on request.

My Approach

With attentive listening and careful attention to your needs, I will work with you to see and feel where you might be able to try something different and break through to a better life.

Couples often benefit from a mediator who can slow down their arguments or prompt deeper communication, helping them get past the stuck places and discover new ways of interacting.

Individuals can benefit from deep listening, having the truth of their minds and hearts recognized, and guidance through the dark places to where new choices can be seen.

My clinical perspective combines attachment and trauma-informed approaches with the acknowledgement that the most healing thing is often just being heard and accepted.

My Training

I graduated from Antioch University of Seattle with a Master’s of Couples and Family Therapy. I have training in Structural Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples’ Therapy, Gottman Couples’s Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic approaches, and the treatment of trauma and internalized oppression. I am strongly influenced by Dan Seigel’s integrative neuropsychology and use attachment theory as the vehicle for my work.

My Mission

What we experience throughout life shapes what we bring to our most important relationships. Some experiences give us the resources to be expressive, caring, and happy. Others teach us caution and inhibit our ability to create and maintain intimacy and trust. We come together into a relationship each with different resources, expectations, and weaknesses.

Liberation Therapy aims to free the world, person by person, couple by couple, relationship by relationship.

Yes, that’s a big goal. But isn’t it what we want for ourselves and everyone we care about?

Relationship can be a path to freedom, resilience, and joy.

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Questions? Email alan@liberationtherapy.net or text +1 (206) 854-7349.