Need a Public Speaker for Your Event or Meetup?


Would your group like inspiration for their lives and their relationships?

Below are soBe-Brave-Be-Safe-Be-Seen-narrow-logome talks and workshops I offer. I am happy to tailor the topics to meet your needs, so please feel free to talk to me about other ideas.

Because my talks and workshops are in the development phase, I am currently offering them at no cost.


Sculpting Your Mind: How Mindfulness, Intention, and Attention Shapes Your Brain.

Vulnerability and Authenticity in Relationship: Practices for Bringing Your Authentic Self to People You Care About.

Male Silence: How Society Still Teaches Men to Suck It Up and What We Can Do About It.

Lead from the Middle: Providing Structure and Direction When You’re Just One of the Group.

I’m offering these topics and others either as talks and short workshops. A talk is about 30 minutes, including a 20 minute overview of the topic and 10 minutes question and answer afterwards. A workshop lasts 60 to 90 minutes and includes an introduction to the topic as well as self-assessment and skill-building activities. I can shorten or lengthen a presentation to meet your needs.

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